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We’re a mom-and-pop agency with first-class results –meaning we have the experience, tools, and proof to deliver results driven marketing solutions for you. Without the full cost.

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A Trusted Law Firm Partner

Don’t you think you need a trusted partner who specializes in your field?

Here at Attorney Marketing Guru we specialize in both the consultation and implementation of digital marketing tactics specifically for Law Firms. Simply put, if you’re an attorney who needs more cases, we can help!

We have over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry (8+ years in law). We have everything from SEO Master’s Certificate to Google Analytics and PPC Certification to being an Online Marketing Certified Professional and more!

We’ve helped law firms all across the United States with their digital marketing. Our clients rank high on google, grow their case volume, save cost per lead and have a better idea of how well their marketing is doing each month.

“Digital Marketing at half the price”

Our founder took an honest look at how the digital marketing industry was charging for their services. He soon noticed an opportunity. He realized most companies were paying far too much for their digital marketing. Especially Law Firms.

He knew that if he provided stellar digital marketing services at half the price… then he had a unique business on his hands.

Now, Attorney Marketing Guru is making clients twice as much while only keeping a fraction of the earnings.

That’s how you get happy clients… and keep them!

Now it’s your turn.

Why Us?

We deliver results by growing your law firm at a more affordable price than what you’d pay elsewhere. We have proven results and testimonials from our clients! But there’s more…

    • Our Attorney’s save more money
    • Our Attorney’s get more leads
    • Our Attorney’s have a lower cost per acquisition
    • Our Attorney’s have a stronger social media presence
    • Our Attorney’s get noticed more on Google
    • Our Attorney’s generate higher quality leads
    • And most importantly our Attorney’s are happier

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15 years of digital marketing experience helping brands boost their rankings and maximize their profit.



Legal Marketing Track Record

8 years of this digital marketing experience exclusively for small law firms.

  • Google ads certification – we can build social proof, gain credibility, and deliver free promotions to drive your client acquisition.
  • Market Motive SEO Master Certification – we’re experts at boosting your ranking and generating website traffic.
  • Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) – this means our experience and extensive training is verified. We use best practices across the industry, and we’re dedicated to the digital marketing discipline.
No Long Term Contracts

Instead of holding clients in, we use a result-driven motive to keep clients returning.

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